WrightGuard (TWG)

True Protection and Performance for ALL athletes.

The WrightGuard (TWG) brand was developed by Dr Michael Wright after years of treating traumatic injuries on professional and amateur athletes. Dr Wright performed a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the mouth and jaw of each athlete to properly diagnose any congenital or acquired defects that may have occurred over the years of professional play. This was done prior to fabricating a customized protective and performance mouth-guards for professional players to ensure no existing injuries were overlooked and properly treated.

Many professional athletes have been in the contact sports arena for years dating back to pee- wee league. As a result, many may have already suffered years of repeated trauma. A misdiagnosed or improperly treated jaw abnormality prior to the fabrication of a mouth-guard can lead to severe irreversible damage and possibly a shorter professional career that can be avoided or minimized with protection of the mouth for the athlete.

Dr Wright’s ultimate goal was to reduce traumatic oral/facial injuries using a proactive approach by developing his own mouthguard design. Since the inception of TWG, the Company has secured (2) United States Patents.

The TWG-elite (Custom)

After achieving success in the National Football league, the National Basketball Association and professional boxing with TWG-elite line, Dr. Wright and the Company designed a mouth-guard design to be marketed to the amateur athletes, known as the TWG-Xtreme (Boil and Bite), that launched in the last quarter of 2011 as a mass-produced mouth-guard for sale in the retail market.

Although the TWG-Xtreme products do not include the comprehensive individualized dental analysis that accompanies the TWG- EliteTM, it uses new technologies, design and engineering to offer a more customized and comfortable fit that offers superior protection against mouth-guard designs currently available to the average retail consumer. As a result the TWG-Xtreme TM is engineered to provide an amateur athletes near-custom, uniform protection and comfort, and limited breathing interference.

The WrightGUARDTM mouth-guards were invented and developed through rigorous dental and medical research and testing, and includes a first of its kind magnetic tethering device to reduce the risk of dental trauma and spinal injuries in football and lacrosse due to facemask tackles. This unique feature to the TWG-Xtreme TM brand also improves the functionality portability and aesthetics of the device.

Future Products

Along with proprietary technology, all of the Company’s mouth-guards are designed to be durable and aesthetically advanced compared to current mouth- guards on the market. The long term mission of the Company is to address better mouth-guard protection to all athletes of all ages and gender both customized for professional athletes and mass-produced for the retail consumer and amateur athlete. The initial target of the Company will be to generate revenues through sales of TWG- XTM to amateur athletes, and later expand and grow marketing initiatives of the TWG-XTM to involve capturing and processing biometric data to protect athletes and enhance their athletic performance.

The Company has also developed and engineered a line of its TWG-XTM magnetic apparel (compression sleeves and gloves), which is currently in the testing phase. The Company expects to have these products available for sale in the market in late 2019.

The WrightGuard (TWG) is a sports mouth guard designed to protect and increase performance , worn by the NFL elite and professional athletes. It Represents the future of protective mouth guards. Worn by professionals and desired by all, it combines protection and true performance ingenuity. TWG is the world first magnetic tethering guard!

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